Make every interaction unique with us!

DMS offers SMS marketing services that allow you to engage your target audiences while tracking your results in real-time.

Make every interaction unique with us!

Is SMS marketing a good idea?

SMS marketing uses mobile technology to communicate with a wide audience. Our bulk SMS marketing service can send your message directly into the pockets of thousands of potential customers to inform them about special offers and discounts.

SMS marketing has long been used to communicate with customers. This is because customers prefer this communication to connect with different brands. In addition to the standard SMS services, you get information aggregation and an online address book when you use the DMS SMS marketing service.

Is SMS marketing a good idea?

We are by far one of the most successful SMS marketing agencies

With nearly everyone owning a cell phone, text messages are today's most popular method of direct marketing. Potential customers can be reached through mobile advertising, a powerful advertising medium.

If we talk about numbers. 96% of text message recipients open their messages. It takes an average of four minutes to read a message. Text messages are cost-effective and one of the most popular forms of advertising. Isn't it worth using them?

SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach customers or stay in touch with existing customers. As one of the leading providers of SMS marketing services, DMS offers its services in various industries. The campaigns are carried out worldwide according to the needs of our clients.

With our SMS service, you can target many customers and increase your return on investment because it is cost-effective and customer-friendly. In short, you will increase your overall sales when we offer our in-house services.

We are by far one of the most successful SMS marketing agencies

Services covered by DMS

Our services include service SMS, promotional SMS, and transactional SMS. Whether you are interested in bulk SMS marketing or customer retention, choose the SMS category that best fits your business needs.

  • Service SMS

You can effectively promote products, services, and offers outside the target market with our SMS service. Marketing companies, businesses, and corporations can send SMS messages to overseas customers no matter what network providers they use or their time zone.

  • Promotional SMS

We use bulk SMS marketing to provide fast and effective business promotions. Bulk SMS marketing is a quantifiable marketing tool. Whether you are a brand or a budding entrepreneur, you can use our promotional SMS marketing service to send offers, services, or coupons.

  • Transactional SMS

Our premium gateway for bulk SMS transactions allows our customers to build, host, operate, and host their SMS applications cost-effectively and efficiently. We have established relationships with major mobile operators to provide seamless transactional SMS marketing campaigns to our end customers.

Services covered by DMS

Our process for SMS marketing

  • Identify the audience and the business's base of customers.
  • Come up with a strategy and action plan.
  • Creating marketing SMS content.
  • Select the right type of text-messaging marketing for your company.
  • Reach a broad audience with bulk marketing services.
  • Select your contacts from your Database.
  • Customize a text message
  • Send an individual message to each recipient.
  • Inbound and outbound departure times scheduled
  • Sort mobile users according to their gender, age, and location.
  • Keep track of how quickly the conversion is progressing.

Our process for SMS marketing

Will the customer open your SMS?

This is only true for a customer who cannot resist opening such a message. With our SMS marketing strategy, we have established the highest conversion rates in the industry. 

We create buyer personas to optimize the SMS marketing strategy. These personas reflect how customers think and act and how they buy. The product/service is highlighted in the message as useful for regular use.

As an SMS marketing company, we also pay attention to other factors that motivate the recipient to buy the product.

  • Message
  • Database of users
  • A keyword-based call to action 
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Analyzing and optimizing results

Will the customer open your SMS?

Benefits of SMS Marketing through DMS!

  • Delivering your messages

You are guaranteed to receive your SMS through our bulk SMS software. We are a reputable SMS marketing company with experience in this field, and our team is confident in our services. Therefore, there is a 100% uptime SLA.

  • You get your messages to read.

SMS campaigns let you bypass email filters and target customers directly. So, you can send a mass SMS campaign to your customers and make sure they can access it without interruption. Your open and click rates will skyrocket when you integrate SMS campaigns into your marketing calendar.

  • Adapts to you and your software

We offer customizable bulk SMS services so that our customers can ensure that their messages are tailored to their specific needs. We can also integrate lean APIs to handle bulk SMS for all businesses.

  • Engage your customers on their preferred platforms 

Your communications will all be sent from one central dashboard. Also, we provide bulk MMS, transactional and marketing emails, electronic faxes, text-to-voice services, online letter services, and custom postcard printing and mailing.

  • Count on us to help you at any time

Are you aware that we are available every day of the week? Live support is available 24/7. So you can ask us your questions and ask for our help at any time.

Benefits of SMS Marketing through DMS!

How can DMS help with bulk SMS marketing?

DMS, a renowned organization, offers the services that customers always require, and SMS marketing is one of them. With our online SMS software, sending bulk SMS is easy and fast. 

Here’s how our reputable 360-degree digital marketing agency can help you in SMS marketing. 

  • We do not charge any upfront fees.

Our SMS marketing is absolutely free, and no credit card information is required. You only have to pay for the SMS messages you send, and we don't increase the price as your database grows.

  • No more software subscriptions!

Pay-as-you-go means you don't have to worry about a monthly subscription that you forget to cancel. DMS offers you a service that you pay for what you use, so you don't pay for features you don't use.

  • Uptime assurance of 100%

Any message you send will reach its destination. Our uptime assurance is 100%, so no message you send will go unanswered.

  • Deliverability is everything

We use direct routes to ensure our service is always available. Whenever you click send, we can ensure that your messages will be delivered in the fastest way and on time.

  • 24/7 free support

Chat with us live, call us, or fill out our contact form if you have any questions. Your call will always be answered by a live person, so you'll always receive complete assistance.

  • You can always find help when you need it.

As the industry leader in 24/7 chat support, we employ real people to help our customers. We know that businesses need fast and efficient support around the clock.

How can DMS help with bulk SMS marketing?

Frequently Asked Questions


In what ways does SMS marketing work?

A SMS marketing campaign can easily and effectively be completed through SMS gateways, SMS packages, and databases that deliver the messages. Similar to a mobile user sending a text message to another, an SMS gateway can also deliver text messages simultaneously at the same time to different groups of mobile users on multiple mobile networks.

What is the best SMS marketing agency?

There’s no doubt that DMS offers the leading service especially when it comes to SMS marketing. With us, you will be able to reach out to millions of new customers and maintain loyalty to your current customers globally so that your brand reaches its target audience.

You can run these campaigns on a global scale according to your requirements. You can target a larger number of customers and increase your return on investment by using our bulk SMS service since it is affordable and customer-friendly. A remarkable increase in sales will result from using our service in-house.

What makes SMS marketing so effective?

SMS marketing is an extremely effective and useful marketing tool. Businesses prefer to use SMS for all aspects of their marketing, since it is one of the most effective. With them, you can communicate with your target audience without any hassle. Also, SMS open rates are much higher than those of emails. This is among the reasons it’s considered an effective strategy.

What SMS marketing services does DMS offer?

As each business has varying objectives and end goals. It’s not always the case that what works for one company will work for another. This is why every single campaign we run at DMS is unique. The advertising services available to you are as unique as the industries they serve, so we offer a large variety of offers to choose from. You can freely use our bulk SMS services to send messages to as many clients as possible. If you choose the right services, you can conduct business as usual.

What types of text messages can be sent via SMS?

Our SMS service allows you to send short messages to your customers using numbers, URLs, shortcodes, or phone numbers. Each message can be created with promotional offers, bonus campaigns, and discounts to drive business.

In general, standard SMSs are 160 characters in length; however, combining two SMSs and sending them as one can send SMSs in bulk more intelligently. The business requirements for SMS can be modified to accommodate bulk messaging, workflow management, and promotion management.