You are on this page as you are searching for a trusted SEO agency to see your website rank higher on search engine result pages and become more visible online. We can proudly say that DataMySite can be the best answer to your quest thanks to experienced and skilled SEO professionals working for us.

The search marketing experts working for us are known for offering innovative and immensely effective SEO strategies to help both regular business websites and eCommerce sites to achieve better ranks on SERPs.

DMS started its journey as a local company offering services only to a small number of businesses. However, today, we offer our services to companies around the globe and across industries. Over the years, we have provided customised SEO services to clients speaking various languages and helped their businesses to enjoy an amazing online presence.



Working with us would allow you to use the services of some of the most experienced and qualified SEO experts active at the moment. Once you hire us to look after your website’s search engine optimisation, the first thing we’ll do is organise a dedicated brand immersion day.

We feel that to provide you with the best SEO solutions, we must first understand your brand well. The brand immersion day allows us to do that. We will prepare SEO strategies for you depending on our understanding of your brand, products, services, and business on the whole. We need to know your company’s vision and mission before coming up with the most effective SEO solutions for you. We also encourage our clients to share their ideas with us; that’s because no one can know a business better than the ones running it.



Your search marketing campaigns can be successful only if you have the right strategies. Once you tell us everything that we need to know about your business/brand as an SEO service provider, we’ll start analysing your site. We begin all our SEO projects by auditing and crawling through our clients’ websites comprehensively.

After gathering all the necessary data and analysing them meticulously, we prepare a couple of documents. The first one will feature the SEO strategies we’ll adopt for improving your website’s rank on Google’s result pages. The second one will feature quick hits for your websites. You’ll be able to apply those quick hits on your own while we’ll be busy implementing more complicated and detailed SEO strategies. The document featuring SEO strategies will include various key considerations such as the primary objectives of the SEO project, the targeted keywords, the kind of content we should create for the site, and last but not least the KPIs (key performance indicators) that we must look to hit. DMS prepares the list of KPIs only after getting a nod from the clients. This allows us to provide them with maximum return on investment (ROI).



DMS uses specialised online tools to conduct competitor research. We’ll not rank your site for any random keyword. We’ll perform in-depth keyword research to identify who and what you are competing with. We’ll analyse several competitor pages using manual checks as well as advanced keyword research tools. This will allow us to prepare a list of relevant keywords. Our experts will rank your site for each of those keywords.

Another strategy we often adopt to help our clients to overtake their competitors is building backlinks to the client website from sites that redirect visitors to their (our client’s) rival websites but produce 404 errors. Is it an amazing way to beat rival groups?

We manage to implement the above strategy successfully primarily because of our ability to produce high-quality content. Our team of content creators know exactly what kind of content the target audience of our clients is looking for.



You cannot see your site ranked high up on Google’s result pages without proper implementation of on-page SEO. That’s because on-page search engine optimisation helps businesses to build their authority, expertise, and trust. The first step of on-page SEO should be the incorporation of relevant content. This will make Google and other search engines believe that you are an authority on the subject you are dealing with.

For effective on-page SEO, your website must have an attractive user interface. The interface should be easily navigable, and the visitors must have a good time exploring the site. In other words, visitors must have a fascinating experience while on your website. This will automatically increase traffic to the site. You must also ensure that your website is properly linked. If you want the best results, never commit the mistake of overkilling your linking. Just make sure that each link is transactional or navigational.

The above discussion might appear to be extremely complex to you. That’s where we come in with our knowledge and expertise. We know how to use these tricks effectively and make your on-page SEO campaign successful.



Ideally, you should stay away from agencies, which say that they will buy backlinks for you or build them in bulk. It’s no longer an effective way of making your search marketing campaign successful.

It’s common for our clients to enquire about the number of backlinks they will get. We keep telling them that the times have changed and building backlinks is no longer mandatory to achieve success. Our experts believe that being user-centric is the only way of obtaining organic success.

Thanks to the change in algorithms, today, search engines are much smarter than ever before. You cannot expect to fool search engines and rank your site high up on the SERPs just by increasing the number of backlinks. In fact, you can see significant improvement in your site’s ranking by eliminating the toxic backlinks and removing the anchor texts.

You can still use backlinks; however, they must be natural. The content you add to your site must command authority and allow your website to obtain organic backlinks. This is the only way of building trust.

Search engines have become extremely intelligent and will not take much time to identify any inorganic activity or spammy backlinks. So, we always depend on natural link building to increase traffic to our client’s website.



Technical SEO is often ignored by SEO agencies. However, the fact is that it’s one of the most crucial elements of any SEO project. There’s no point in filling your site with the best content and implementing the most effective offline strategies if search engines cannot recognise them. That’s the reason why our SEO team always uses technical SEO when optimising a website for search engines.

When auditing your website, we’ll prepare a list of technical fixes the site needs to perform better. On most occasions, these fixes are thorough and complex. So, to make those fixes we may need to make prominent changes to your existing website.

The changes might be made at the code level; we may also need to alter the user experience (UX). Don’t worry, we’ll never change anything without your consent. We’ll inform you about all the modifications your site requires and move forward only if you agree with our recommendations.



Once you pick DMS as your SEO partner, you’ll not need to look beyond our company for any SEO related service. Our company is represented by highly proficient in-house content creators. The content creation team of DMS consists of highly experienced and skilled videographers, photographers, designers, and copywriters. Each of these professionals is a search marketing expert, who can create engaging and relevant content for your website to drive more organic traffic to it.

For SEO strategies to be successful, your website must be filled with good content. This will not only increase fresh traffic to the site but will also compel old visitors to come back to your site again and again.

We always create content tailored to the needs of our clients. We’ll provide you with content that would fill the gaps identified by us when auditing your site. Additionally, we also create content depending on the opportunities we feel you must explore as a business.

The first set of content we’ll add to your site will be created based on the findings of the initial audit of your website. Additionally, we’ll also consider your business’s vision and mission and the content type used by your rival groups for creating the content. We’ll keep modifying the content and making additions depending on the performance of your site.

As content plays an extremely important role in making any SEO strategy successful, the prices of our SEO packages always include the costs of content creation. So, if you hire us to optimise your site for search engines, you’ll not need to pay any additional amount for content creation. However, if you want to hire us just to create content, we can definitely do that for you.



DMS works using proprietary SEO tools when managing search engine optimisation projects. These tools are designed to yield the best results irrespective of the country our client businesses operate in or the industry they belong to.

Our proprietary SEO tools allow us to check various aspects of a website including competitor content, internal links, keyword analysis, backlink profile, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are keywords crucial for search engine optimisation?

The constant changes in algorithms and usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence have made search engines extremely smart. Today’s search engines boast the ability to comprehend user intent accurately. So, to impress the search engines, you must use content created for the users instead of search engines. However, this doesn’t diminish the importance of keyword research. Keyword research helps in understanding the search habit of your target audience and play a big role in increasing traffic to your website.

Does SEO help in boosting sales?

Google is almost always the search engine online users rely on when looking for information on a new brand, product, and/or service. Search engine optimisation helps in putting businesses at the top of Google result pages and other SERPs. When an individual searching for a product/service similar to what you are offering sees your website at the top of Google results, your chances of making sales increases automatically.

How long will I have to wait to see my site get ranked?

You may need to wait for three to six months to see your site get ranked depending on your site’s authoritativeness and the industry competition you’ll need to deal with. Based on statistics of projects managed by us so far, we can say that when working with DMS you’ll see an increase in organic traffic, lead generation, and sales within four to five months of hiring us.

What role do backlinks play in making an SEO campaign successful?

Backlinks will help people to understand your authority in the subject you are dealing with. This makes backlinks extremely important for any SEO project. However, for your backlinking efforts to be successful, you must ensure that all your backlinks are built following Google’s guidelines. We audit the backlink profiles of our client websites to ensure that they help in increasing the organic visibility of those sites.

What’s the cost of SEO services?

The cost of SEO services depends on several factors. We quote prices based on factors such as the size of the website, the kind and number of technical fixes it requires, the kind of content it needs, and more. Other than that, we also consider the budget of our client organisation when quoting a price.

Why Should I Pick DMS as my SEO agency?

The only reason why you should pick DMS as your SEO agency is the quality of services we offer. Our SEO department has some of the most skilled and experienced search engine optimisation experts. These people are instrumental in combining the tried and tested SEO tricks and all the latest trends to come up with the best results for you. DMS’s SEO team always works along with the company’s in-house developers. This allows us to help our clients in having a healthy website that appears at the top of the search result pages.