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An Impactful Influencer Marketing Approach That Stands Out!

Connect with the most influential 360-degree digital marketing agency around the world to grow your brand. And engage a global audience with the content creators of your choice.

An Impactful Influencer Marketing Approach That Stands Out!

Providing Intelligent Analytics for Influencer Marketing

The number of Google searches for the term - "Influencer Marketing" has increased by over 1500% over the last 3 years, attesting to the importance of Influencer Marketing. And, approximately 1 billion people use Instagram, uploading 95 million photos and videos every day and 400 million stories, which doubled in five years.

Marketing agencies and brands consider influencer marketing as an important part of their campaigns across hundreds of fields. Brands and advertising agencies can shortlist, plan, and implement influencer campaigns with influencers across the globe through influencer marketing agencies. A common focus of influencer campaigns is not direct sales but rather brand awareness.

To plan an influencer campaign, goals and objectives must be defined. Influencer campaigns have three primary objectives: building awareness and opinion, increasing sales via influencers and building a library of user-generated content.

Providing Intelligent Analytics for Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Platform with a broad portfolio

It doesn't matter if it's Facebook and Twitter that cater mostly to Generation X, or if it's Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, or TikTok that cater mostly to Millennials. 

A Brand's Influencer Marketing campaign can get a decisive edge with our huge portfolio of influencers across these platforms; whether a brand wants to reach moms at home or teenage tech nuts, we offer a single point to manage such campaigns. 

Therefore, the next time you are looking for an Influencer Marketing Agency, contact DMS.

Influencer Marketing Platform with a broad portfolio

What do we do at DMS?

With DMS, engaging with influencers at any scale is easy, and building an online presence is sure. It's all about your creative ideas and products, and we'll take care of the rest.

Here’s what we do:

  • Identifying social talent

Since social media users keep growing every day, there are many more social influencers on the scene today. DMS selects the best marketing experts who can assist the brand in reaching its marketing goals. 

Influencers are chosen based on several parameters, including engagement rates, social media activity, and past campaign success. By leveraging influencers, campaigns are capable of attaining massive growth and thriving.

  • Building campaigns from scratch

Our influencer marketing platform has been creating strategies for years to help brands reach their target audiences by using the right people and delivering the right message. 

Our creative digital marketing team ensures the campaign looks genuine by developing an authentic and impressive content strategy. Moreover, we use careful research to determine which influencer marketing platform is best for your industry.

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

Getting an influencer marketing agency to assist with a campaign setup is important. Influencer marketing entails a lot of processes. 

As part of our efforts to ensure successful collaboration, we ensure that all of these tasks are handled well, including creating content, editing it, reporting, and coordinating influencers with brands.

  • Measuring Campaign Success

Once the influencer marketing campaign is complete, our team sends you a couple of reports describing the influencer who got the most conversions and engagement for the campaign. This report also shows you the best influencer marketing platform based on conversions.

What do we do at DMS?

Process for DMS Influencer Marketing

  • Creating a Campaign

The first step in our work is to understand the client's business goals, brand goals, and expected results. Next, our influencer marketing experts create content, product reviews, social media shoutouts, launch events, and other elements.

  • Influencer Search

Our influencer finder tool uses extensive research and detailed analysis to find the most relevant influencer among social media influencers. The influencer's relevance, resonance, and reach are considered when identifying the most suitable influencer. Lastly, our data scientists assess influencer network potential to provide our clients with the best Return on Investment.

  • Influence analytics

Developing the brand story on behalf of our clients is key to getting good views, traffic, brand engagement, leads, and ROI. Sharing the campaign with the right audience helps us do this.

Process for DMS Influencer Marketing

What makes several brands choose DMS?

Anyone can find you influencers, but only a few Influencer marketing agencies can help you create influence. It is not always enough to collaborate with creators and publish online content to generate brand success. An effective marketing campaign must be anchored by a strong strategy and executed flawlessly.

  • A Hawk-Eyed Sharp Strategy

We are well-positioned to devise bespoke strategies that have a greater likelihood

of success due to our experience.

  • Dedicated Brand Success Managers

Our team provides customized solutions and supports brands with focus and dedication.

  • Built to scale

Our campaigns are dominated by technology and infused with in-house tools. The switch between A/B testing and scaling is a simple one.

We will hand-pick the right influencer for your brand based on your campaign objectives. Our experts can help you brainstorm marketing strategies, amplify campaigns, or even identify the best influencers. 

The content that we produce is of the highest quality, and we build relationships with brands and influencers along the way. DMS is considered one of the best influencer marketing companies for these reasons.

What makes several brands choose DMS?

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer Management

How do you determine whether a campaign is successful?

Using our analytics tools, you’ll have no need to worry about keeping an eye on the campaign’s success, as the best influencer marketing companies like us handle that for you. The campaign can get you more likes, shares, inquiries, and engagement, however, when it’s active.

How does influencer marketing work?

Social media influencer marketing occurs when brands collaborate with influencers on social media. There is always a target audience for each brand. During an influencer marketing campaign, brands must find an influencer with a personality that fits how the brand wants to be perceived l and appeals to their target audience.

Even though influencers are not big celebrities, followers of their recommendations are loyal and more likely to buy the products they recommend. Therefore, influencer marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing and is more likely to achieve company revenue and marketing objectives.

How effective is influencer marketing?

Formerly, celebrities used to endorse products and services, convincing people that it was a good purchase. These days, influencers convince people that something is right for them, and customers do their research by reading reviews, gathering feedback, etc. People know that influencers for brands will pick the best offers for them, so influencer marketing is so successful.

By building an engaging campaign and asking the people about their reviews, they build a loyal following of customers. Through influencer marketing, understanding the audience has become easier.

Is influencer marketing the future?

Every aspect of life is becoming digital these days. Today, everything is accessible online, from entertainment to news to watching episodes of TV series. It is even predicted that influencer marketing will grow as more people realize the benefits of doing business online.

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly mainstream, with brands engaging online more and collaborating more. Our understanding of influencer marketing develops as we understand that influencer marketing is going to become the new norm for marketing.

What are the influencer marketing platforms?

A platform that can assist with influencer marketing campaigns is called an influencer marketing platform. This software can help find potential influencers, use smart algorithms, track insights, and track this data over time.

What does influencer marketing entail?

The practice of influencer marketing is when a company engages a famous or recognizable personality to promote its products or services. Building relationships with the audience, getting more engagement, and collaborating with the influencer or brand are some of its proven benefits. Also, it facilitates good insights.

What is the best way to launch a successful influencer campaign?

Set your goals, determine your budget, determine your target audience, and determine your key performance indicators. Then determine the influencers that are appropriate for your campaign based on factors such as reach, relevance, and resonance. Next, you should contact and confirm the influencer’s involvement. Once the influencer starts producing content, you should review it. Ultimately, what matters most are the gains and results.

Which platform will provide me with the Best Return on investment?

Every platform has its own advantages. The best platform for brand awareness is Facebook. A campaign’s goals are what’s most important at the end of the day. On the flip side, if it comes to building brand authority and website traffic on Linkedin, Instagram is ideal for product launches and customer engagement.