Events and Exhibitions

Get your event marketing started with us!

Activating your brand through events is the only way to have authentic conversations with your customers. Let's discuss your next brand activation event.

Get your event marketing started with us!

DMS's event management team’s expertise and many years of experience!

As one of the most recognized and admired event and exhibition companies, DMS provides a multitude of services for both corporate and personal events. Experts at DMS bear exceptional knowledge, so they are always prepared to respond to any technological uncertainties that may arise during an event.

All end-to-end event marketing tasks are completed within the given deadlines by our team, which is well organized. Our wide network of connections within this industry enables us to market events within allocated budgets. 

  • Audience Generation

Audience generation is a comprehensive approach that includes selecting the right target database, implementing a RSVP desk, and outbound calls to general audiences. BYC, invitations and confirmation mailings complete the audience invitation process. The cycle is completed with a post-event feedback loop.

  • Inbound Response Management & R.S.V.P.

All inbound mechanisms are integrated into this solution on the DMS side. Communication with all customers is done through these inbound systems, including phone numbers, email IDs, fax numbers, etc.

It is possible to forward inbound calls to the appropriate customer contact or note the responses of the prospects and communicate this to the customer. In addition, the response agent on the DMS side performs a basic profiling process, which is then passed on to the customer.

  • Award Entries/Nominations 

Customers typically request this solution category when they need to fill out forms for a contest or awards ceremony. Among the nominations for each category must be the correct and relevant ones. A considerable amount of information is usually required beyond the basic information.

Entries for the awards are gathered through a variety of methods, including media research, detailed profile development through phone calls and footwork. Companies are targeted after determining their relevance to the category and understanding their importance. 

A critical element of this solution is the selection of data based on the various categories defined. Within this solution category, DMS has conducted several initiatives for media companies.

DMS's event management team’s expertise and many years of experience!

Market research capabilities

  • Social

Our marketing team at DMS uses advanced analytics to create a customized social campaign that reaches relevant targets to generate additional clicks and conversions.

  • Network

The reach and network of our audience is segmented. Across dozens of events, listing sites provide an audience of 40 million or more potential attendees.

  • SEM

Our Google-certified AdWords professionals go above and beyond Google's guidelines in creating a campaign for you.

  • Display Advertising

You can choose from a wide range of highly relevant websites, and we'll help you place your ads across those websites.

  • Retargeting

Send targeted messages to consumers who have visited your site/page but failed to purchase. These leads will not let you down.

  • Mobile

65% of your current customers' sales are now made via mobile devices, reaching the world's biggest event platforms.

Market research capabilities

Need help managing your corporate events? We have what you need!

Having an Event Management Company as part of your business has many advantages. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at DMS to learn how we can turn your next corporate event into a huge success! Our company specializes in creating unique business platforms for specific industries. We create a platform that allows buyers and sellers to engage in dialog and exchange ideas on an endless number of opportunities.

Need help managing your corporate events? We have what you need!

Maximize the impact of your Event!

One of the most effective ways to reach and engage prospects and customers is through events. So first promote attendance at events, then find out what the audience is interested in and act accordingly.

1. Planning & Promotion

Organizers must constantly contact attendees, venues, exhibitors, speakers and internal stakeholders in advance of an event. Automating details while improving conversions are key components of our technology.

  • With a fully branded website and customized marketing, you'll attract and convert your audience
  • Promote and communicate automatically. 
  • Organize sponsors, speakers & exhibitors under one roof

2. Engaging Attendees 

Using the right tools will keep your attendees engaged and keep them coming back for more. A good event & exhibition company like DMS captures every detail of attendees' interests.

  • Experiences that integrate in-person and online attendees to engage them.
  • Experience a smoother check-in and badge process on-site by modernizing the check-in process.
  • Your audience will be able to discover and consume real-time information and access content with mobile event apps based on Autopilot.

3. Spend and Workflow

A single event technology platform provides comprehensive visibility into meeting schedules, budgets, and approvals. Managing risk and making smarter decisions becomes easy with centralized control.

  • Information collection and automation for meetings and events.
  • Analyze and track event-related expenditures and savings.
  • One easy-to-access location for data and tools for stakeholders.

4. Effective Insights

Realize the possibilities of a single platform for insights on attendees, accounts, and events. Increase event performance and engagement while unlocking attendee data for your sales and marketing team to optimize and accelerate follow-up for a single attendee or your entire account. Each event should be worth more than the last.

  • Analyze the attendee experience throughout the event.
  • Connect your everyday SaaS solutions to event data in a seamless manner.
  • Improve your business by collecting feedback and gaining insights.

Maximize the impact of your Event!

Benefits you get after collaborating with DMS!

The following benefits are part of the services we offer our clients with the best quality work at the most competitive price:

  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) is our broad range of services.
  • Organizing events and budgeting
  • Customer experience is always better than the competition
  • Businesses are built on long-term relationships
  • We offer event services in a variety of forms.

As a top event management company, we offer customized event marketing services that fit your budget and requirements. An important part of our event management services is brand recognition and activation. Our team takes care of all pre- and post-event activities for sophisticated events. We are specialists in event organization for corporate events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, partner meetings, product launches and fundraisers.

Benefits you get after collaborating with DMS!

How can DMS assist you?

  • Event expansion

DMS assists in increasing ticket sales by using digital marketing to attract festival-goers, event attendees, and business to business participants.

  • Raise revenue

We let you find out the best price for an event, sell more tickets, and discover new markets.

  • Attendee engagement

You can use your audience as a powerful marketing tool if you get them excited about your event. The focus is on real-time interaction. 

  • Collect more data

We let you understand your customers better, and use the information to assist you in other business areas.

  • Strengthening the presence

Make yourself known and visible. Ensure that your event's tickets can be found and purchased online easily and intuitively.

  • Advanced Technology

We make sure you're on top of the game using the most effective marketing tools available to us.

How can DMS assist you?

Our ranges of services at DMS

  • Event Planning

We create extraordinary occasions and entertainment events with extraordinary event design, planning & production.

  • BTL

DMS has one of the brand's very own segments BTL, where the product is promoted using subtle marketing techniques to reach consumers exactly where they are. A company that designs exhibition stands and manages exhibitions

  • Exhibitions

Companies invest a lot of money into exhibitions, so we understand the importance of boosting their return on investment. Our team of experienced designers and engineers design and build every exhibition stall to meet these requirements.

  • Special Events

Our expertise is in creating bespoke business platforms for specific industries. Under one roof, we celebrate new ideas and promote creativity by bringing together the makers and the takers.

Our ranges of services at DMS

How do we go about it?

We take action based on data to achieve your goals. All of our campaigns are tailored to our clients' needs, which is why no two events are the same. With our team of digital media, technology and events experts, we sit down with you and determine the best marketing methods to promote your event.

By applying data-driven concepts and practices and combining our years of experience and knowledge, we can help you find the solution that's right for you. You will receive ongoing informative reports, data and updates, as well as a communication channel to keep you informed.

We can support you at any point in the process and amplify your efforts based on what you have done so far and what you need to do in the future.

How do we go about it?

What makes DMS different from others?

DMS's vision of the ideal customer experience is to create a loyal customer base on occasion. Therefore, we will tailor the parts of the framework you need to create customer loyalty with you by knowing and understanding your needs. With us, you'll find a custom platform that fits you and your brand - a platform that defines success for you.

Our experienced team, with years of hands-on event experience, ensures that every event we execute is beautiful, memorable, and will not exceed your budget, no matter what. Our team will ensure that all aspects of your project are fully covered when you work with us.

What makes DMS different from others?

Frequently Asked Questions

Events and Exhibitions

How soon should you publicize an event?

Promotion should begin at least six weeks before your event to reach a larger audience. You will also be able to facilitate the travel arrangements for your attendees by clearing out the schedules in advance.

What is an exhibition event?

Exhibitions usually include a selection of special objects available for public viewing. During the exhibition, objects from different locations are often collected together. And displaying these objects is considered an exhibit. Special exhibitions at museums are often devoted to works by famous artists.

What is the purpose of event marketing in marketing?

By participating in events, marketers can provide a more personalized touch than what is offered by digital when creating relationships with prospects. Consumers get an instant feel for the brand personality of each company.

Why are special events and exhibitions important?

The use of events and exhibitions for marketing is extremely powerful. The events allow you to promote your products or services to people who may not be familiar with them. Furthermore, they allow potential and existing customers to meet.

Why is event marketing so important?

Participation, hosting, and sponsorship of events can offer engagement forms, whether online or offline, using in-person engagement. Event marketing uses themed displays, exhibits, and presentations that promote products, services, and causes.

Why is event marketing so successful?

You can engage your audience by using surveys, CRMs, and email marketing. A key aspect of event marketing success is gathering and addressing attendees’ feedback through a dedicated channel.